Optimise was founded in 2004. Its vision is to help both firms and private persons effectively and in a goal-oriented fashion, taking into consideration aspects of humanistic and social values.

Company Philosophy

Optimise means effective and economical service in an optimal time and resources saving fashion.

Optimise also stands for creativity, finding new solutions, trying out imaginative, unusual approaches.

Optimise means providing customised solutions for individuals. Each human being, every problem is specific and calls for a tailored approach. Varied lines of action are needed so as to do justice to different needs.

Optimise stands for Energy – for YOUR energy that decisively determines the quality of your life.

Optimise aims at gentle and soft solutions. Only solutions that unfold smoothly will persevere in the end.

Optimise stands for spirituality. Finally everybody has to ask the question of the sense of life. We live knowing that we will die one day. Only getting to grips with the question of mortality will give an answer to finding sense in one’s life.

Optimise views the world as an interconnected organism, as a solidary human community.

Monika Bernberger

Monika Bernberger