Reiki – Healing through Energy

Reiki Reiki is an ancienti art of healing. It stands for „power of the sun“ or also „universal energy of life“. Within the Reiki-Usui-system healing power is transferred through hands-on-healing. The energy transferred assists in reaching bodily and spiritual well-being, it regenerates the body and activates self-healing powers. Life-promoting energy finds its way the the areas of the body where it is needed. It strengthens the resistence against illnesses and speeds up healing in an all-encompassing way. Reiki stimulates personal growth and development at all levels of human existence.

Optimise offers energy treatments (short and long-term, cleansing of houses and rooms) as well as courses teaching you how to work with this energy yourself.

Group Coaching: teenagers, adults, retirees Reiki – Healing through energy

Man – the miracle – is our focus!

Monika Bernberger