About Me

Ing. Mag. Monika Bernberger

2010-2012: Head of the Salzburg Association of Austrian Professional Psychologists
2009: Selected and honoured as one of the top 100 citizens of the province of Salzburg

Qualifications for you

Psychologist (since 1999)
Clinical and Health Psychologist (since 2004)
Emergency Psychologist (since 2005)
Advertising and Marketing (since 2005)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (since 2007)
European Psychologist Diploma (since 2012)
QiGong (since 1989)
TaiJi (since 1989)
Reiki (since 1993)
Communications Technology and Electronics (since 1993)

Fields of Activity

Technical Colleges of Salzburg and Hallein (school psychologist)
University of Salzburg
Central Hospital of the Province of Salzburg and Salzburg Emergency Hospital
Christian Doppler Clinic
Governmental Office for Crime Prevention
Rainbows – helping children through stormy times
Caritas SOALP – project for a self-confident life without alcoholol
Red Cross Salzburg
KOKO – centre for contact and communication
Geschützte Werkstätte (Salzburg Sheltered Workshop)
Organisational Councelling within Austria and abroad

Technology, Administrative Experience:
University of Salzburg and Christian Doppler Clinic
Office for the Coordination of fundamental and borderline Issues in Medicine
Acousta Engineering GmbH, Salzburg
Hallein Papier AG
Elektro Hillebrand
Radio Sänze
… and many more

Monika Bernberger